Mobile Strategy – Community Meeting

August 17, 2014

Carl Jokl is hosting an upcoming community meeting.

Open Wonderland Community Meeting
Mobile Strategy
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
1pm US Eastern time
(see event in your time zone:
Community server –

Session Overview

The session is intended to cover the strategy for creating new high performance mobile clients for the Open Wonderland platform. This includes dealing with getting the best performance for Wonderland and best user experience while allowing for cross platform customizability. Finally we will discuss how the new mobile applications could be ported to be the basis of new higher performance desktop client applications and the potential for porting to games consoles.

Student Projects – Community Meeting

July 22, 2014

Johanna Pirker from Graz University has volunteered to organize and run an Open Wonderland community meeting this coming Wednesday. We will meet on the community server.

Open Wonderland Community Meeting
Two Student Projects
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
1pm US Eastern time
(see event in your time zone:
Community server –

Session Overview

The first student, Lisa, is about to finish her Master’s Thesis. She is developing tools to support exploratory collaborative learning settings in the form of scavenger hunts in OWL. This includes (a) an itemize functionality, which provides objects with info text, (b) an info inventory, (c) a student manager, where the teacher can assign 1-4 roles to students, (d) an item board, which provides students with the gathered information, and (e) a quiz. As a first application scenario, Lisa displays the approach and her tools in a setup to learn about the Egyptian culture.

Patrick is also about to finish his Master’s Thesis. He is developing a graphical OWL editor, which can be used to move, rotate, and duplicate objects in the world in a 2D window. He will focus on the architecture and implementation of the tool.

Getting Started & Troubleshooting – Please Review

February 12, 2014

By Nicole Yankelovich

The WonderBuilders team has just completed drafts of two new documents:

Before we add these links to the Documentation Wiki and Open Wonderland web site, we would appreciate your help in reviewing these documents. Please send us feedback in terms of errors or suggestions for improvements, preferably by replying to the related discussion on the Open Wonderland forum:

New Getting Started and Troubleshooting Docs to Review

You can also leave comments here or on the Open Wonderland Facebook page.

We would appreciate feedback by Monday, February 24th. We will incorporate any feedback we get between now and then, update the documents, and then add links to the new guides on the Documentation Wiki.

Experimenting with New Navigation Paradigms

January 15, 2014

By Nicole Yankelovich

In my work with clients, one common concern is how long it will take users to learn to use Open Wonderland. Moving the avatar around a space is typically one of the clients’ biggest concerns. To address this issue, my company, WonderBuilders, has been thinking about different mechanisms for avatar navigation. One strategy we have implemented for customer projects is an enhanced Best View feature that allows users to focus in on objects by clicking on them.

In this way, users navigate by moving only their avatar camera, and not the avatar. In some scenarios, this approach works well. There is, however, at least one serious drawback. If the avatar does not actually move and the object they are focusing in on is far away, they will not be able to hear audio in the vicinity of the object they are looking at.

To address this issue, we recently added a new capability called “Navigate To.” Now, when the user clicks on an object, their avatar will move to a location near that object that the world builder has specified.

Navigate To can be used in conjunction with Best View or on its own.

As we have added these capabilities, we also had to address the issue of which capabilities take precedence when more than one is applied to an object. For now we have hard-coded an ordering. Navigate To always comes first, followed by Best View, which is followed by Audio, and so forth. Eventually it will probably be necessary to create an interactive ordering tool so that the world builder can specify the order they desire.

Happy Holidays

December 26, 2013

The Open Wonderland community received a video holiday greeting from community member Nisarg Naik:

Thanks Nisarg. Happy Holidays to you and to to everyone in the community!

Cyramix Press Release and Video

November 27, 2013

Hypergrid Business just published a press release from Cyramix, the new Open Wonderland hosting service:

Cyramix offers Wonderland hosting

It includes this demo video:

ESL Cyberlearning Summary Video

August 28, 2013

By Nicole Yankelovich

As described in previous blog articles (“ESL Instruction Using Open Wonderland” and “NSF Funds Wonderland ESL Project at STCC“), WonderBuilders has been working with the English as a Second Language faculty at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Massachusetts to deploy a Wonderland environment for English-language learning. This video, created as an update for the NSF project sponsors, provides an overview of the project.

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