Mobile Strategy – Community Meeting

Carl Jokl is hosting an upcoming community meeting.

Open Wonderland Community Meeting
Mobile Strategy
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
1pm US Eastern time
(see event in your time zone:
Community server –

Session Overview

The session is intended to cover the strategy for creating new high performance mobile clients for the Open Wonderland platform. This includes dealing with getting the best performance for Wonderland and best user experience while allowing for cross platform customizability. Finally we will discuss how the new mobile applications could be ported to be the basis of new higher performance desktop client applications and the potential for porting to games consoles.


3 Responses to Mobile Strategy – Community Meeting

  1. High performance mobil clients for OWL seems to be impossible, as mobil devices lack GPU power needed for OWL. Two solutions are: using a connection software on the mobile device to connect to the cloud where the OWL client runs and the rendering happens in the cloud as well, on dedicated grahpics servers (our EduGrid solution), or using a zero client with OpenGl 2 support plugged into your mobile device, such as the ARM linux based Spice Eyeplug device. Looking forward to the discussion! Roland

  2. I don’t disagree that the remote rendering approach could work. I do very much disagree with the idea that mobile clients are not powerful enough. I have played games with considerably more sophisticated 3D engines than Wonderland on mobile devices. If the problem is that OpenWonderland presently has an engine that is not efficient enough to scale down to mobile then I would like to address that. In an ideal world I would like to have something even as simple as a Raspberry Pi be capable of being an Open Wonderland client.

  3. rsassen says:

    Cloud Party, now at Yahoo, could be used on some mobile devices.

    The client-side tech is a custom Javascript engine built on WebGL that we wrote from scratch. We’re using websockets for networking and various other HTML5 tech for parts of the UI and infrastructure of the engine. The important point is that it’s all built on open web standards: no plugins for users to download or single-browser support. Hopefully mobile and tablet browsers will continue to improve and adopt these standards as well and you’ll be able to use Cloud Party from your phone.

    A lightweight client for OWL would be interesting, showing just a minimum outline of the world, and sound of course.
    Given the heterogeneous landscape of devices this seems to be too expensive and sometimes even impossible. Suppose e.g. how to deal with an iPad, lacking support for Java and Flash.
    What could be an alternative to our above solutions to your opinion?

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