Wonderland Wednesdays – Back to Basics

June 28, 2012

By Nicole Yankelovich

Now that the telepointers project is wrapped up (article on that topic coming soon once the final code is ready), we are going to take a hiatus from software development over the summer and focus instead on world building and basic scripting. With the exception of two sessions for more advanced script writers, these sessions will all be geared towards non-programmers.

“Back to Basics” Sessions

Here is the list of sessions that we have planned along with the dates:

  • July 4th – US 4th of July holiday – no session
  • July 11 – Basic World Building
  • July 18 – Basic Scripting – no programming knowledge – Object Movement
  • July 25 – Basic Scripting – Javascript users – dynamic worlds
  • Aug 1 – Basic World Building
  • Aug 8 – Basic Scripting – Object Creation
  • Aug 15 – Basic Scripting – Object Creation – Javascript users
  • Aug 22 – SketchUp to Wonderland
  • Aug 29 – SketchUp to Wonderland – part 2 – using textures

Since it is a considerable amount of work to put these sessions together, we want to be sure people are interested in attending and can make the meeting time. If you are interested in  any of these sessions, please express your interest by taking a moment to complete this Doodle poll:


For reference, the poll is from 10am to 6pm US Eastern time on Wednesdays. If you are interested in attending some of these sessions but can’t make any of the times on Wednesdays, please post a message here or on the forum with times that work better for you. We will do our best to find times that work for the most number of people.

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