Pôle Numérique Project

August 22, 2010

In today’s guest blog post, French entrepreneur Michel Denis shares some information about his current project with information and communication technology provider, Pôle Numérique.

By Michel DENIS
Internet 3 Solutions

In front of the landing place, is the Welcome Hall, from which a number of doors (portals) let people go directly to their destination room

During the last 6 months we (Internet 3 Solutions) have been delivering an Open Wonderland virtual world project with “Pôle Numérique de la Drôme,” the public actor in France responsible for promoting advanced IT to its 100,000 inhabitants, mostly in rural territories, with a focus on: enterprises, collectivities and people. You can learn more about the company here: Pôle Numérique (French site); Pôle Numérique (English site).

After a number of phases (experiment, pilot, and production), the virtual world is now fully in place and functional. It is currently in use by a number of actors from the territory. Soon it will host distant activities from the key actors of “Drôme”, such as: the Pôle Numérique itself, public internet offices’ coordinators, Chamber of Commerce (CCI), Chamber of Artisants (CMA), the Main City’s governance (Valence Agglo, aka Valence Major), Kasciopé (Scientific Expo/Museum), the territory’s overall governance (Conseil Général).

Types of virtual world activities include remote:

  • internal meetings
  • training sessions
  • expos and museum exhibits
  • online collaboration
  • and more

The virtual space is structured with a main campus at the starting location and a set of sub-worlds with portals between the places.

When landing, visitors can browse through orientation slideshows, using the PDF Viewer, to get used to Open Wonderland

An Exposition room with some nice places from the country's main town (Valence, in county Drôme)

One of the meeting rooms for a closed users group

The 3D modeling tool use for the project is Google SketchUp, with the re-use of some Google 3D Warehouse objects modified significantly to adapt them to the purpose of the project as well as to the real-time requirements of 3D rendering in Open Wonderland.



Wonderland Wednesday – Nanjing Showcase

August 9, 2010

We have a special Wonderland Wednesday planned for this week. Jiang Yufei from Nanjing University in China, who recently contributed the two-part WonderBlog article on the XLand 3D Blog (part 1, part 2), will be showcasing some of the Module Warehouse contributions resulting from this project.

Nanjing University Piano Module

Nanjing University Piano Module

To try to accommodate people in different time zones, we have planned to run this session twice, once at 9am US Eastern time and once at 9pm US Eastern time. The two Facebook events provide a link for easily converting this time to your local time.

Nanjing Showcase – First Session

Nanjing Showcase – Second Session

I hope you can join us for one or the other of these sessions.

If you have a Wonderland module you would like to showcase on the community server, please post a comment here, contact me via email (nicole@openwonderland.org), or post a message on the Open Wonderland Forum.

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