Project Wonderland Forum Back Up

December 23, 2009

After 10 days, our discussion forum is back up. It’s great to start hearing from community members again after such a long dry spell.

There is also progress to report on restoring the wiki. The wiki software has been upgraded to eliminate the problematic security issue, but we’re still waiting for the current data to be restored. As of now, the data from August 21st is there, so that doesn’t include most of the 0.5 documentation and tutorials. 

I’m hoping that before the Sun Labs team leaves for the week-long holiday break starting on Friday, that the site will be back up and running in its entirety.

Advertisements Situation

December 16, 2009

As many of you probably know, the Project Wonderland open source site has been experiencing an extended outage on The site was attacked by hackers who apparently exploited a security hole and did considerable damage. The news today is unfortunately not encouraging. The service provider, CollabNet, says they believe it will take at least another 24 hours before we can expect to see the forums and wiki back on-line. The one bit of good news is that the whole site is not down. You can still access the home page, the binary download page, the source code repository, and the issue tracker.

We are by no means the only open source project impacted by the outage.  Sun has sent a number of employees over to CollabNet to help with the process of getting things back up and running.  In the mean time, we will use the blog to keep you up-to-date on the situation. We apologize for the outage and will continue to pressure CollabNet to restore service as soon as possible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we haven’t lost too much data.

Update: I have learned today that the outage has occurred on a portion of the system that is not operated by CollabNet. Since I have minimal information on the topic, I’ll refrain from saying more. We’ll have to wait for the people in charge of to provide us with a detailed account of the outage and what they have done to correct the problems.

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