In-world Building Tool

February 7, 2012

By Morris Ford

I am working on a new module that is for building in-world. It differs from the standard Wonderland content creation flow since this module is used to construct complex models without the use of external modeling tools.

The use of this tool to create structures in Wonderland is not intended to replace the current workflow but to add a new way to create content. The workflow of this new module is to insert an instance of the module in world and then build up the desired structure starting from the cube that is initially created. The desired model is made up of many individual shapes that are created by clicking on a surface of an existing shape. For instance, one of the current shapes is a cube. A click on one of the six surfaces of the cube causes the module to add a new shape. The location of the new shape is attached to the shape that was clicked. Exactly where it is attached depends on what new shape is desired. If the click is on the surface of a cube and the new shape is a cube, the new cube will be attached to the clicked surface.

The module allows for the selection of the properties of the module in a HUD-based control panel. Properties such as the shape, texture and relative location among a number of others are configurable from the control panel.

The structure of the model is stored in an external database that is updated at the point of creation of each new shape. A structure stored in the database can be retrieved and created in world from the HUD control panel. Since the data stored in the database is in a form that describes the shape, texture(s), location, etc., any system that can access the database and create the 3D shapes could use the structures.


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