Cyramix Press Release and Video

November 27, 2013

Hypergrid Business just published a press release from Cyramix, the new Open Wonderland hosting service:

Cyramix offers Wonderland hosting

It includes this demo video:


Cyramix – Commercially Supported Open Wonderland

August 7, 2013

By Carlos Rafael Ramirez

Open Wonderland is easy to install and run on your local machine. But when you want your virtual world be accessible by many people from the Internet, things become more complicated. Anyone who needs to have their virtual world on the Internet needs to do the following:

  • Configure a virtual server in the cloud or configure their router to point to a local machine.
  • Manage a domain name or deal with fixed IPs or dynamic DNS.
  • Correctly dimension the server in order to accommodate the necessary number of participants
  • Install the necessary Open Wonderland modules and plugins and configure them.
  • Deal with the fact that not everyone has Java correctly installed or Java Web Start working properly.

More than a half of the posts on the Open Wonderland forum are regarding server configuration issues. People who only want a virtual world running must deal with many technical barriers that are not part of their business.

By providing Open Wonderland as a product, this is the gap that the Cyramix team is aiming to fill. We are offering Open Wonderland virtual world hosting combined with technical support so that virtual world owners only have to focus on building, using, and sharing their worlds while we take care of the rest.

We provide a client installer for Windows that comes with Java embedded as well as a launcher. For other platforms, we offer the standard web-based launch button. With the client installer, the user only has to download and install this one package and then type a world code. That’s all. The Open Wonderland client will launch faster than it does from a web-based launch page since a lot of code will already be downloaded and will not need to be verified each time the client is launched.


With our service, the customer will get a pre-configured island on a shared server in the cloud, ready to be prepared for users. The customer can choose if the world is completely private or if guests will be allowed. We are offering three different plans targeted at different types of users:

Basic (complete experience without video playback, webcams and applications)

  • For painters or photographers who want a virtual gallery as an extension of their website.
  • For 3D artists who want visitors to experience their work in 3D.
  • For presenters and educators who only need slideshows and limited document sharing.

Plus (basic experience plus video playback and public webcams)

  • Multimedia presentations with slides and videos.
  • Rich virtual galleries with biography.
  • Education environment with full multimedia.

Premium (plus experience with fully collaborative application support)

  • Supports developer team meetings with real-time browser and code editing.
  • Real-time document and spreadsheet collaboration using Google Docs or Libre Office.
  • VNC client for desktop sharing

With time, we hope to be the top Open Wonderland contributor, making the platform more and more user friendly and bug free.

We invite everyone to check out our web page and test the trial world. We are just beginning and your comments would be much appreciated.

Here you have the Cyramix video.

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