Singapore Games Village

January 18, 2012

By Michael Gialis, WonderBuilders, Inc.

WonderBuilders recently completed the Singapore Games Village project for the Media Development Authority of Singapore’s new Games Solution Center. In addition to constructing the world in collaboration with a 3D artist from Singapore, we created a custom Wonderland module for the project to support Game Kiosks.

As you can see from the video, Game Kiosks are made up of two posters on either side of a central application area. This area allows visitors to watch a recorded video, display web content such as games created with Flash or Unity, or share content from their local screen. To use a kiosk, users simply click anywhere on the kiosk. Their camera is set to Best View for kiosk and a control panel opens.

Example of a Game Kiosk

Example of a Game Kiosk

The kiosks are configurable using a custom property sheet that allows an administrator to specify links to splash screens, demo videos, and playable games.

You can read more details about the Singapore Games Village project on the WonderBuilders web site.


Telepointer Project Starting

January 10, 2012

By Nicole Yankelovich

Happy New Year! Just a quick reminder that the new Wonderland Wednesday telepointer project is starting this Wednesday. The details are here:

Wonderland Wednesday: Improving Telepointers

During the break, we made some good progress thinking through the performance issues with Sticky Notes and other apps. This work will continue in the background, with various community members volunteering to take on small investigations each week and reporting back their results at the end of each Telepointer session.

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