Getting Started & Troubleshooting – Please Review

By Nicole Yankelovich

The WonderBuilders team has just completed drafts of two new documents:

Before we add these links to the Documentation Wiki and Open Wonderland web site, we would appreciate your help in reviewing these documents. Please send us feedback in terms of errors or suggestions for improvements, preferably by replying to the related discussion on the Open Wonderland forum:

New Getting Started and Troubleshooting Docs to Review

You can also leave comments here or on the Open Wonderland Facebook page.

We would appreciate feedback by Monday, February 24th. We will incorporate any feedback we get between now and then, update the documents, and then add links to the new guides on the Documentation Wiki.


One Response to Getting Started & Troubleshooting – Please Review

  1. gary says:

    Hi Nicole, do you need the OpenWonderland logo files? The one in the header (top left) looks squished. It also might be good to provide a link to similar documentation for getting started with the server, such as this

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