JavaOne 2010 Presentation

Our guest blog post today comes to us from the Nina-verse. Long-time Open Wonderland community member Nina Nussbaum-Jones from Lockheed Martin presented a talk at the JavaOne 2010 conference in San Francisco last month. All reports were that the talk was fabulous. She has kindly agreed to share her talk slides with us.

100% Java Virtual Worlds:
How to Deploy Innovation in the Virtual Enterprise

By Nina Nussbaum-Jones

It was my first speaking engagement at JavaOne – a lifelong dream in itself – and I got to talk about Open Wonderland, virtual worlds, avatars, and all the things the Wonderlanders have been doing to make our world a better place.   I had three familiar faces in the front row: Kevin Roebuck, Karl Haberl and Mike Gialis (co-speaker). All were cheering me on, using eye contact along with head nods.  I opened by showing my audience of 35 people the animated version of Adventures in Wonderland, but after that it was down to business.  What’s a virtual world?  Why Open Wonderland?  How do I get started?  How’d you do that??  What kind of questions should I be prepared for at work?  Is there a boss key? (You’re probably old if you understood that one.)

Other than the obvious excitement I expressed about having the opportunity to speak at my favorite (geekiest!) conference, I had hoped to inspire people to investigate Open Wonderland, and to get involved in the community.  The community will always feel small no matter how large it gets.  And with more people contributing, the richer the platform will become.

Here are the slides from the talk: On-line version, PowerPoint version, PDF version.


3 Responses to JavaOne 2010 Presentation

  1. kimpossible1234 says:

    Nice Job!

  2. It was a great presentation Nina. Definitely one of the most entertaining and surreptitiously informative discussions at JavaOne. Judging by the number of follow-on questions and the queue that formed to meet “the star” after the talk, it was well received. I only feel sorry for the poor follow-on presenters who probably felt suddenly unprepared for engaging their audience the way you did….well done!

  3. Bosco says:

    Excellent presentation. Very informative for an OWL noob like me. Using Evolver was fun. Can’t believe that using OWL is so easy.

    I’ve setup OpenSIM and done some basic building in SL but the D-and-D nature of OWL is really amazing. Thanks for posting your presentation.

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