First Community Test

October 2, 2009

As you know if you follow the Wonderland Forum or the ISIG mailing list, we did the very first community test of Wonderland yesterday. Certainly everyone on the Sun Labs team was pleased with the results. We didn’t get quite enough people to test the server limits in terms of low-quality avatars, but we took the opportunity to test other features including avatar configuration, the whiteboard, sticky notes, and several shared applications. We had a total of about 22 to 23 clients connected to the world. After an initial period, everyone switched to using high-quality avatars.  The server held up extremely well. There were no show-stopper server-related problems for the whole hour of the test.

On the client side, a persistent out-of-memory problem cropped up for just about everyone, causing people to have to restart their client, so that will be the focus of this week’s debugging efforts. There was also another shared application problem which occurred after we had been using the applications for a while, which we’ll also look into.

The consensus was that we would like to try to keep doing these tests on a regular basis, so I hope more of you will join in for the next one.

Here are some images from the testing. We only had one really good blooper. That happened when I clicked on the hand-raise button twice in a row. My arm stretched to gigantic proportions! Otherwise, you can see us testing out the various applications, including a Flash game playing in a Firefox window that Sun’s Chief Gaming Officer, Chris Melissinos, could not resist showing us.

Gigantic arm Shared Whiteboard
Google Map in Firefox Flash game in a Firefox window


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