It’s Raining 0.5 Tutorials

Eerily coincident with downpours on both coasts of the US, we are publishing a deluge of new and updated Wonderland 0.5 tutorials. You can find links to all of them on the documentation wiki, but here’s a rundown:

For world builders, we have these tutorials: 

  • Assembling Worlds, an introduction to assembling worlds by inserting, moving, rotating, and resizing new components.

Developers should check out these:

  • Working with Modules describes the module architecture of Project Wonderland, the basic structure of a module, and how to deploy a module using the Web-based Administration UI.
  • Writing Client and Server Plugins describes how to write client and server plugins for Project Wonderland, code that runs when either the client or server is first initialized.

Finally, there are some updates on the basics:


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