Uploading documents for Shared Applications

If you are using shared applications such as Open Office, you can now upload your shared documents to the machine that is running those shared applications. This functionality is provided by a new web page, part of the Wonderland.war distribution. There’s a link to the new web page from the Wonderland welcome page, such as http://localhost:8080/Wonderland/.

By default each document will be uploaded to a directory named sharingUpload contained within the .wonderland directory of the user that initiated the shared applications (you can change that setting in the web.xml file). Applications such as Open Office expect to find documents in the user’s Documents directory, so to enable easy access to the document upload directory from shared applications such as Open Office, we suggest that you add a soft link to it from the user’s Documents directory, as follows:

cd ~/Documents
ln -s ~/.wonderland/sharingUpload

2 Responses to Uploading documents for Shared Applications

  1. michel says:

    Hi Bernard,
    Which version of Wonderland should we use ?
    Is 0-4-0 final good for it ?

  2. Michel, hi
    no, it’s not in the 0-4-0 final–we added it about a week ago, so you’ll find it in the repository and the nightly builds.

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